3 Considerations To Get The Best Car Paint Protection

March 16, 2021by Timeless_User

3 Considerations To Get The Best Car Paint Protection

Whether you’re buying a brand new car or your car is at least a few years old, the paint condition is one of the first things people will see—and first impressions matter. You might be looking to keep that new-car look for longer or improve the resale value; either way, car paint protection could be a great solution.

We’ll go through the first three steps to find and get the best car paint protection service in Brisbane, along with a few cautions to look out for to select a high-quality, durable paint protection service in Brisbane or anywhere you might be.

1. Ask: Does Your Car Need Additional Protection?

Without car paint protection treatments, the clearcoat of your car is exposed to environmental and mechanical damage. While factory car paint quality is generally excellent, without the added protection of car paint protection the costs of maintaining that new car look can add up.

Car Paint Protection For New Cars

It’s natural to want to protect your new car, especially when a new vehicle is one of the most expensive things you’ll buy, second only to a house. The benefits of having a car paint protection treatment on a new vehicle are tremendous.

First, you can ‘lock-in’ that new car look and protect against everyday wear and tear marks. Little things like swirl marks from polishing or fingernail scratches around the door handles will have less impact.

Many car paint protection treatments will also improve water beading on the surface and provide dust-repellent, making your vehicle easier to keep clean and dry after washing.

In short, all new cars can benefit from having that new-car look locked in with a car paint protection treatment.

Car Paint Protection For Older Cars

Are you envious of that new-car look? A car paint protection treatment could help to restore your beloved vehicle to its former glory. An older car will require in-depth preparation before treatment, and some paint damage and scratches may not be 100% eliminated.

Typically, there are as many as six layers of different paints applied to a car in a factory. The thickest layer, the clear coat, is applied last over the coloured paint. Older vehicles that are most suitable for car paint protection treatments have damaged clear coat only.

Damage to the clear coat might look like faded white patches without peeling, swirl marks and superficial scratches.

Paint protection can improve many cars’ appearance; however, if your older car’s paint condition is pretty rough, a paint protection treatment might not be the best option. We’re happy to have a look at your vehicle and give you personalised, obligation-free advice on the right solution for you. Contact us.

2. Choose The Right Paint Protection For Your Needs

A car paint protection treatment provides an additional barrier between damaging elements and your car paint. There are typically two categories of car paint protection types, and you’ll find multiple product brands and treatment providers around Brisbane.

How do you know which one is right for you?

Acrylic, Wax & Teflon Coatings

We find these applications inferior, and we don’t include them in our Brisbane car paint protection offerings. However, many car paint protection suppliers offer them, so it’s essential to know the difference.

Wax coatings promote water-beading and dust-repelling, while an acrylic or Teflon treatment may also provide additional UV protection.

You might consider this type of paint protection because it is usually very affordable, costing not much more than a professional car wash. However, these car paint protections form a much softer barrier that will wear away or deteriorate much faster than the ceramic car paint protection we offer in Brisbane.

Some spray-on waxes will last around 3-6 months, while acrylic and Teflon coatings can last up to 10 years with an excellent maintenance schedule.

Ceramic, Quartz & Glass Paint Protection

At Timeless Car Cleaning Brisbane, these are the only types of paint protection we provide. They’re superior to Acrylic, Wax and Teflon coatings in many ways, especially in durability.

Ceramic, Quartz and Glass are just different ways to describe the same paint protection technology utilising silicium, derived from silica. Silica is a hard natural mineral used to produce ceramics, quartz stone and glass products.

We use Modesta car paint protection products as they create a strong, glass-like protective barrier on your vehicle’s clear coat using high-grade silicium. Modesta ceramic paint protection provides an impenetrable barrier against mechanical and chemical damage to your paint with an exceptional level of nano protection and UV protection.

Ceramic car paint protection treatments provide the same benefits as wax, acrylic and Teflon coatings yet offer superior longevity, lasting the lifetime of your vehicle.

3. Choose A Trusted Paint Protection Service

With so many places offering car paint protection services in Brisbane, it can be hard to choose the right one. It pays to do your research. While all protection types look great straight away, it won’t be until later that you realise your treatment isn’t lasting as it should and making a warranty claim is problematic.

The first thing to do is to check which brand and type of treatment they’re offering. You’ll quickly know the kind of longevity to expect and what a warranty on the product might be.

Second, look at the supplier reviews—and don’t just trust their website. Look at Google and Facebook reviews, or check out some of the comments on their posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Finally, talk to your shortlist of Brisbane car paint protection providers. Ask them questions, show them your vehicle’s condition, and see their before and after album. You need to know they’re someone you can trust to prepare your car and apply the car paint treatment correctly.

I’m Considering Getting My Car Paint Protection Done By My New Car Dealer

It may seem like a cost-effective and simple solution, having your dealer organise it and absorb the cost into your new car finance. However, most dealers outsource their paint protection services, and the person upselling the service may not know who will do the treatment or what kind of treatment will be applied.

Additionally, the car dealer will generally receive some kind of commission for the upsell—costs that you end up paying in the car’s negotiated price.

If you’re considering this option, make sure you do your research and find out where the treatment will be done, which brand and type of treatment and the cost compared to elsewhere.

In the end, if you’re considering car paint protection services in Brisbane, you should talk to us. We stand by our products, application techniques and by you. Give us a call or pop into our Brisbane garage anytime to learn more.