We can remove paint,

concrete, acrylic, enamel, 2 pack, polyurethane, latex, epoxy, tar, bitumen, mortar, and etc.

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up and see your car tainted with paint. Regardless of the cause, paint stains or splatter on the exterior of your vehicle is not a pleasant sight. Certainly, paint splatters can come from a house being painted near your car, paint from the road splattering up to your car or from a variety of other sources. Furthermore, getting paint splatter off requires a degree of manual labor and patience. We have professional specialists that can deal with paint splatter removal.

We have been suppliers for panel shops and insurance companies. It is an increasing issue because more companies are moving to industrial paint sprayers rather than the traditional brushing or rolling methods.
  • Requires removal of paint and polishing of any etching or marring.
  • Concrete removal, paint over spray and splatter.
  • Polish on swirls and scratches.
  • For tougher jobs, we have a fully equipped workshop and a courtesy car available.

After identifying unwanted paint splatter on a vehicle, we commonly see our clients try to remove the paint splatter on their own accord; often leading to further damages. Getting paint splatter removed is a lengthy process that requires time, patience and a degree of expertise. Although you might be hesitant to invest in paint splatter removal; the amount you spend far exceeds the value lost on your vehicle as a result of the paint. No matter the cause and no matter the job, our servicemen can help you get your car restored to it’s former glory. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our team at Timeless Car Cleaning now.

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The No.1 Car Paint Splatter Removal Method

Accidents happen, leaving paint or other contaminants on your car paint. It’s unsightly, shocking, and can make you see red. It may even be worthwhile making an insurance claim.

Did you leave your car parked somewhere near where a house or fence was paint-sprayed?—an issue we see far too often with many people choosing this house painting method. Paint, tar, bitumen, and concrete splatter can end up on your car while you’re driving. Or, you may have sadly been the victim of vandalism?

If the paint is fresh, the first thing you should try is carwash and water, and a good bit of elbow grease. Don’t use dishwashing liquid or soaps not designed for cars as these can damage the clear coat.

If the paint doesn’t come off, your car isn’t ruined! The no.1 car paint splatter removal method can restore your vehicle.

As professional car detailers, we’ve been able to remove serious contaminants on countless cars, including:

  • Acrylic and enamel paint
  • Concrete and mortar
  • 2-pack
  • Polyurethane
  • Latex
  • Epoxy
  • Tar and bitumen

Can I Remove Paint Splatters At Home?

If the paint and water method didn’t work, we don’t recommend tackling this task at home as there’s a high chance of damaging the surrounding car paint and clear coat. You’re also not covered by any guarantees or warranties from the suppliers or manufacturers of the products you use.

Some of the customers that come to us have attempted car paint splatter removal at home and have ended up doing more damage than good by not prepping correctly, using the wrong method and scrubbing too hard.

They end up with a patchy job with damaged paint that we then need to correct.

Are you still keen to tackle removing paint splatters from your car at home? If you’re confident you can match the suitable car paint splatter removal method for the type of contaminant on your vehicle, here are three strategies that may work.

3 Ways To Remove Paint Splatters From Your Car At Home

They all require time and patience, and you’ll need to set aside a few hours out of the sun to do it and have somewhere to wash your car afterward. We’d also recommend investing in a machine polisher to buff any micro-scratches off later. However, none of these methods is the no.1 car paint splatter removal method.

You’ll first need to surround the paint splatter with masking tape and build a slight border for the first two methods. It’s advisable to cover the surrounding area with paper or cloth to protect the remaining panel from any drops from the chemicals you’re going to use to attempt to lift the paint splatter from your car.

1. Rubbing Alcohol Method

To soften and remove some types of paint splatters from your car, rubbing alcohol can be used. Rubbing alcohol is stocked at many supermarkets and hardware stores. Apply the alcohol to a cloth for car paint splatter removal and rub it into the splatters. The paint splatter should soften and become gummy and then be able to be removed by gently scraping it. To avoid scratching your car paint, be very careful not to rub too hard or deep.

2. Oil-Based Cleaner Method

Oil-based cleaners can remove some types of paint splatters on cars. These include mineral turpentine or specialist paint clean-up products from your hardware store. Follow the instructions on the bottle if they’ve been provided. If you’re using mineral turpentine, gentle agitation with a soaked cloth should remove sticky substances.

3. Clay Bar Method

Clay bars and clay cloths can be used for car paint splatter removal. They’re ultra-sticky and contain microparticles designed to remove anything that regular washing can’t, including hardened bug residue and light tar, tree sap, dirt, and paint splatters. You can find clay bar products at an auto supply store and many dealerships.

A clay bar product should be used with a suitable lubricant to minimise micro marring. These are sometimes sold together in kits; however, a quality car wash concentrate will usually suffice. Note that some clay bars are very aggressive, and you’ll need to machine polish your car paint afterward.

After using any of the above methods, carefully remove any masking tape and coverings and thoroughly wash your car. We’d also recommend buffing and polishing with wax to restore the surface and mask any swirl marks or micro-scratches left behind.

The No.1 Method: Professional Car Paint Splatter Removal

Professional vehicle detailing garages, such as Timeless Car Cleaning, provide the no. 1 method to restore your car and remove paint splatter. Our Brisbane team is experienced in removing all types of contaminants and has the right equipment on hand to ensure your vehicle looks a million dollars after we’ve removed the splatters.

We’re trusted by insurance companies, dealers, and direct customers because we provide competitive pricing with an optimum outcome every time.

Different types of contaminants require specific removal methods—even when comparing different types of paints. If you’ve painted a house before, maybe you remember having one set of brushes and cleanup method for the enamel on your skirtings compared to the water-based acrylic paint on your walls? Knowing the proper solvents and approach to remove contaminants from your car requires specialist expertise.

Our team is highly competent in finding the best car paint splatter removal method for your car and can do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Doing It Right The First Time

We’re sure you realised one of the cons of DIY car paint splatter removal is knowing which method to use and having the right equipment to do it well. Almost all procedures require a fair bit of elbow grease and time. While you might have time to try car paint splatter removal yourself, you’re still likely to end up with micro-scratches and swirl marks that will require machine buffing.

When you engage us for car paint splatter removal, our service includes machine buffing that buffs and smooths out any residual marks from the splatter removal process. Your car can actually look better than it did before being contaminated.

Come into our Brisbane office or call us to talk to us about car paint splatter removal. We’ll provide a no-obligation customised quote that covers your car’s unique situation that you can share with your insurance company. Call today.

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