Pet Hair Removal

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Do you have dogs, cats, or any pets full of fur? Certainly, we support any kinds of hair! Our hair removal is the best in the region!

Why should you choose Timeless for all your pet hair removal needs?

Certainly, it’s simple…. we know what we are doing! As you probably already know, there is no magic trick in removing pet hair. There is no special machine. Even more, it is all about hard work and elbow grease.We can also remove even the most stubborn pet odours using our commercial ozone air purifiers and hydroxyl generators.

We get stuck in, no matter how hard the job and won’t stop until you are happy!

These pictures should be enough for you to know you are making the right choice in choosing Timeless.

We also clean up pet accidents!
  • Pet urine
  • Pet vomit
  • Any type of mess that pets make!
pet hair removal

Package priced from $120

Includes interior detail (~2hours) $195 Package

Includes vehicle fumigation & flea treatment (1-day) Workshop only Package priced from $395 Package

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