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We can remove acrylic, enamel, 2 pack, polyurethane, latex, epoxy, tar, bitumen, concrete, mortar, etc.


Paint overspray is not a common occurrence but can happen. Especially if your vehicle is parked near a construction zone or an area being sprayed with sprayers. It may not always noticeable and it depends on the color of the overspray, even more the color of your vehicle. Even if you take the proper precautions, overspray can get onto surfaces that should be paint-free.

Want to restore your car to it’s former glory? At Timeless Car Cleaning, our Brisbane paint overspray removal services are tailored for the individual needs of our clients. Whether your car has minimal or heavy overspray, we can safely remove any paint residue from all of your paint, trim and windows. Likewise, we can remove acrylic, enamel, 2 pack, polyurethane, latex, epoxy, tar, bitumen, concrete, mortar, etc.

  • Professional paint correction and paint protection specialists.
  • Fully trained, fully equipped, and fully insured to work on any type of vehicle.
  • Completed over 1000+ vehicles in Brisbane & South East QLD since 2012.
  • Fully mobile and can come to you at your home or workplace at no extra cost.
  • For tougher jobs, we have a fully equipped workshop and a courtesy car to deal with a paint overspray removal in Brisbane. 
Removing paint overspray is a complicated process. Far too often then not, we see clients coming in after attempting to remove the overspray themselves; only causing further damage. If you’ve found overspray on your car, it’s better to trust the professionals. Although the task is difficult, our team will be able to restore your panels to their former glory without damaging your surface. Of course, no two jobs are the same and some will require more effort than others. If you’re eager to restore your car and invest in a paint overspray removal, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team at Timeless Car Cleaning today. 
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*Price will vary depending on the condition of your vehicle.
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