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Ceramic paint protection brisbane

Ceramic Paint Protection is ideal for all new and used vehicles. Your wheels, paint, glass and even your interior can stay protected no matter the conditions they are exposed to. Whether it is the harsh sun and UV light as expected from Brisbane’s warm weather conditions, harsh chemical cleaners, bird droppings, bug splatter and tree sap. With a ceramic coating, your car will also have an additional layer to help protect your paint being chipped and damaged from tar and asphalt, corrosion and oxidation. Car paint protection can also keep your car cleaner for longer!


If you have just recently purchased a car you may be subjected to being ‘recommended’ an expensive dealership solution. While these can help protect your vehicle for some period of time, they are usually of lower quality as car salesmen know that they can get you to quickly agree and make you feel as if they are doing you a great service. 

Our goal is to provide new and used car owners with professional, transparent, and cost-effective vehicle protection solutions. Instead of you having to put up with auto dealerships preying on your emotions while you’re buying your new car.


Our car paint protection products use nanotechnology to create a glass-like layer on your vehicle. Composed of high-grade silicon and titanium dioxide as an additional hardening agent, this creates a hydrophilic chemical bond that repels water and protects the car from blemishes and damage.

With our ceramic paint protection packages, you can rest assured that with our work, quality application, and polishing techniques your car will remain looking shiny and new and will stay cleaner for longer. 


Preparation is crucial; in most instances, even with vehicles, a deep polish is required to remove surface roughness and other abrasion marks caused by most dealers cleaning methods.

After the original colour coat is levelled, we are able to add the protective ceramic coating. After this has been allowed to set you are left with a thicker, glossier and more protected car.

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TAC System Silica Treatment

Using the latest advancements in SiO2 technology the TAC System Paint Protection System provides incredible protection and the ultimate shine.

From $895.00

Modesta Liquid Glass Treatment

Modesta car protection products are based on a three-dimensional molecular frame and produce a ‘candy-like’ gloss.

From $1195.00

New Car Paint Protection Application


MODESTA Car Nano Coating Options

Applied professionally in a controlled environment at one location with QUALITY products that will perform for years rather than months

About Car Paint Protection…

So you’ve bought a new car, we all know what comes next, it’s the hard sell on their in-house world “leading, ultimate, unbeatable” protection products. But it’s not only about price, more often than not you’ll be purchasing nothing more than a glorified sealant whose lifespan is often dramatically shorter than claimed and when you go to claim the warranty, for whatever reason it isn’t covered. They are very clever because after all, what’s another $10 per week for all of that? Well…. It’s usually an extra $1500-3000 in the long run. More often than not if you jump on Google and try to research their ‘world leading’ products, you will find little to no information, you certainly won’t find hundreds of members of the public shouting their praise.

We have many vehicles come in with dealership “paint protection” and they often show defects such as:
· Swirl marks
· Scratches
· Holograms
· Waterspots
· Bird dropping etchings and more

These customers often come in within the first 3-6 months of having owned the vehicle. They have generally contacted the paint protection product’s warranty team only to be told that they aren’t covered for whatever reason.

So is car paint protection all a load of rubbish?

What is the definition of paint protection? Well we think the root of the problem lies here, technically a cheap spray wax is a form of protection. Be it only for a matter of days/weeks for a poor one, it also won’t offer any chemical resistance (dish washing soap will strip wax) and it certainly won’t help against scratches. We aren’t saying that dealerships use cheap spray wax but they certainly use cheap sealants which don’t last as long as promised and certainly aren’t even in the same league as coatings such as Tac Si02 or Modesta.

So should I get a ceramic car coating in Brisbane?

When you have a vehicle you have 2 options to keep it looking good (the 3rd option is to let it wither away and die via negligence but as you are reading this we assume you won’t do that..).

Option 1) Regular, correct maintenance.

  • This is to include regularly applying a quality wax or sealant to your paintwork.
  • Clay-barring your vehicle as required.
  • Removing tree sap, droppings and other contamination as soon as possible to prevent etchings.
  • Requiring a cut and polish (paint correction) most likely within the first few years to repair any wash scratches and other markings.

Option 2) Order QUALITY ceramic paint protection.

  • You will never need to apply a wax or sealant again. Your paint will never fade/oxidise or flake.
  • It is highly unlikely that you will need to clay bar your vehicle.
  • You have a lot more time to remove contamination and the risk of them leaving etchings is greatly reduced by over 90%.

Your vehicle will be much more scratch resistant (note not scratch-PROOF), the coatings are much harder than factory clear coats, practically eliminating wash scratches (with correct methods) and other damage. So the bottom line is this, if you want easy maintenance and to not have to worry about what the world will do to your vehicle then absolutely it’s for you. Your vehicle won’t fall over and die if you don’t get protection, there isn’t anything wrong with the factory paint. But you will see fading/flaking/peeling/scratching if you don’t maintain that paint well.

We like to describe it as permanent suncream for your vehicle. No more UV damage (fading and flaking), as well as the other benefits of permanent gloss and easy maintenance.

Timeless car cleaning


Essentially the car paint protection product forms a second, stronger clear coat by bonding on top of the factory installed paint. Whilst there is no perfect coating these provide an ultra-high gloss, scratch-resistant (note note scratch-proof) coatings to greatly reduce the risk of scratches and damage, prevent oxidation, protect from bird droppings etc.

ABSOLUTELY! Both TAC and Modesta can be applied to used vehicles. We are likely to recommend more preparation work to get the paint in as good a condition as possible prior to application in order to get the best results.

So how do you maintain it?

  1. More often than not a simple wash with a power washer will do the trick as dirt finds it hard to cling to the coating.
  2. Otherwise just perform a 2-bucket wash with a soft wash mitt.
  3. OPTIONAL – Treat the surface with a maintenance spray, for additional gloss and protection.

If you just want an easy maintenance, durable coating and aren’t so worried about the deepest gloss possible then TAC is the way to go. With TAC you will also get your vehicle back the SAME DAY.If you want the deepest, wettest gloss you can get then Modesta (with primer application for even more gloss) is your better option. Remember Modesta needs 24 hours to cure so you will get your vehicle back the next day.

Both Modesta and TAC have a number of similar properties to make maintaining your car EASY!

  • Increased dirt resistance – This mean your vehicle stays CLEANER for LONGER.
  • Super Hydrophobic – The coatings REPEL water, meaning it sheets off and hugely reduces the risk of waterspotting, in some cases eliminating them completely.
  • Scratch Resistance – Both coatings rate OVER 9H on the hardness scale which results in a massive reduction in risk of wash scratches (swirl marks) and other damage.
  • Chemical Resistance – Meaning self serve car washes offer less danger as the coating cannot be stripped by harsh chemicals (NOTE – Still NEVER, EVER use the brushes or automatic washes.

Looking to reduce the build up of break dust?
Looking to make rim maintenance EASY?
Love GLOSSY rims?We recommend Wheel Shield application on your rims as it is SPECIALLY FORMULATED to withstand up to 1200 degrees celcius and repel brake dust.
We can also coat your wheels with TAC or Modesta. Contact us for more info.

We can apply our paint protection products anywhere in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.
We will need a garage or similar sheltered area to do the application as we don’t want any dust/dirt around during curing.
Alternatively you are welcome to bring your vehicle to our Northgate Workshop located at;
169 Toombul Road, Northgate QLD 4013

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