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Timeless Car Cleaning is dedicated to provide quality services. Above all, we prioritize customer satisfaction, as well as, offering great value in multiple locations by also offering convenient hours. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

General Detailing

Our most popular detailing packages. Award Winning and Satisfaction Guaranteed detailing services in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland!

Cut and Polish

Add value to your car before selling AND sell it quicker! Finally, fall in love all over again with your vehicle!

Paint Protection

Only the best paint protection in Brisbane! For new or used vehicles!

Headlight Repair & Restoration

Do you have cloudy, faded, oxidized or yellow headlights? Don’t replace them yet, because we can help!

Window Tinting

Our window films and tints can make your car’s interior cooler! We have the number one tint service you can have!

Fleet Detailing

Your vehicles are your image, you know this otherwise you wouldn’t have great vehicles or maybe great marketing on them. They are your portable billboard. We offer our fleet detailing services throughout all Brisbane and Logan suburb.

4WD Services

Looking to get your 4WD detailed properly? We have the perfect deal for you, Brisbane and SEQ Folks!

timeless car cleaning services
Pet Hair Removal

Do you have dogs, cats, or any pets full of fur? We support any kinds of hair! Our pet hair removal is simply the best in the region!

timeless car cleaning services
Overspray Removal

Whether your car has minimal or heavy overspray, we can safely remove any paint residue from all of your paint, trim and windows.

timeless car cleaning services
Concrete Removal

We have concrete removal specialists with years of experience in removing all kind of contamination, and cement splatter is no exception.

timeless car cleaning services
Paint Splatter and Graffiti Removal

Getting paint splatter off requires a little manual labor and patience. Timeless Car Cleaning have professional specialists that can deal with this problem.

Mobile Detailing

Our mobile units are fully equipped and will come right to your home or workplace at no additional cost.

Custom Detailing

We’ve been working with export companies for years with a very good track record.

timeless car cleaning services

Extend your car’s lifespan and reduce repair costs. A rust-free car is worth more to a buyer.

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