Our window films and tints will make your car cooler and more comfortable… on the inside. What separates us from our competitors is our tireless dedication to superior customer service. If you have any questions regarding our Brisbane car window tinting services, let's start a discussion.

SunTek empowers vehicle owners and professional installers by offering a broad selection of automotive tint products. Each able to improve the look and performance of your window glass in its own way. Thus, no matter the set of benefits, we don’t compromise on formulation for installation ease as it certainly critical for everyone’s product satisfaction.

Our trustworthy tints are engineered with technologies ranging from time-tested to cutting-edge. We also offer in styles from rich black, as well as, optically clear tints. Even more, we stand behind them with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.  Above all, Timeless Car Cleaning is also proud to set you free to choose what best meets your demands for performance and style.


Car window tinting in Brisbane can reduce glare, can cut down on harmful UV radiation and can drastically reduce the temperature of the inside or your car. Not only that, but opting for car tinting will also enhance the comfort and privacy of the cars interior cabin. 


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If you’re primarily interested in the head-turning style change that comes with custom tint, SunTek’s Standard Pro Series is engineered with economical dyed charcoal technology. The SunTek Standard Pro Series is a very reliable solution for car tinting in Brisbane. 

If you prefer a non-reflective, rich black that’s backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, including protection against fading and ability to stand the test of time, this one is for you.

It works hardest to maintain your vehicle’s interior comfort, with a higher level of solar energy rejection. Also, this translates to better heat rejection and glare reduction. If you are a vehicle owner who spend more time on the road it is certainly a priority, as well as, if you are concerned about interior cracking and fading.

The SunTek CIR Series is our ultimate evolution in tint technology and our most premium, top-performing offering. This series builds on the benefits of our popular CXP™ Series of automotive tints, with a combination of advanced ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology. Offered in a range of 8 darkness levels, all a non-reflective and true black hue that helps protect against fading. Living with CIR after installation is nothing short of luxurious. Passengers and interiors are protected from 99% of UV rays, and vehicle cabin comfort is enhanced, with exceptional heat and infrared rejection.

Note: All options we offer 99% UV rejection. Carbon and even more so CXP™ and CIR tint offer higher solar heat rejection when you compared with Standard Pro Series for a cooler car interior.

Did you know 35% window tint is the darkest tint that is legal across all states and territories?

5 Best Reasons To Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Forget about fully-decked custom cars with illegal pitch-black windows; having tinted windows is no longer just about being ‘hip’, and darker isn’t always better. There are more reasons to have tinted car windows than you may think, five to be exact. If you’re considering getting your car windows tinted, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to work out if car window tinting is right for you.

Glare from the sun can be hazardous for drivers, with some even claiming that motor vehicle accident rates are higher when glare is present. If you’ve driven during sunrise or at dusk around Brisbane, you’d know all too well how intense glare can be and how terrifying sudden blindness from glare is. Fortunately, car window tinting options range from rich black to optically clear tints that all have glare-reducing properties. Additionally, if you’re someone who suffers from eye-fatigue and headaches, reducing the amount of glare you’re exposed to while you’re in your car can prevent strain on your eyes. Quality car window tints use solar energy rejection technology to block intense glare from passing through the windows. This property is not connected to how dark a tinted window is, making it an effective and safe choice even on front windows.

Hopping into a scalding hot car on a summer’s day in Brisbane is more than uncomfortable. You may have opted for a sun-smart car colour and are still shocked at how hot your seatbelt clip is. You might have chosen a slick black car and are looking for ways to reduce the solar energy absorbed by your car. Either way, adding custom car window tints are a great solution. Car window tints can come in a range of colour depth from very dark through to optically clear. While some brands don’t use solar energy rejection technology, the SunTek car window tints we supply in our Brisbane centre provide premium heat and infrared rejection. What you’ll love the most is that car window tinting can provide you with a more comfortable vehicle cabin no matter the season.

While newer cars have automotive glass that filters out most UV radiation, the protection level varies from different manufacturers and is much lower in older vehicles. A newer car will usually have around 97% UVA protection and only 37% UVB protection. According to skincancer.org, UVA is associated with ageing, while UVB radiation causes sunburn. Both types of UV radiation can cause damage that can lead to skin cancer and eye damage, including cataracts and eyelid cancers. Adding custom window tinting to your car can provide you and your family with almost complete UVA and UVB protection. State-of-the-art window tints that combine advanced ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology can provide skin protection with all ranges of tint colours.

Custom window tinting is an investment helping to preserve your car’s resale value by protecting the car interior from UV damage. If you spend a lot of time driving during the daytime, or your car is usually parked outside under the elements, the interior furnishings can fade and perish more quickly. This can result in cracks in the steering wheel and dash and faded patches on the seats that can devalue your car. Suppose you have a cherished custom or collectable car or a much-loved daily drive. In that case, quality window tinting will provide your car interior with longevity and protect against costly UV damage. We might even go as far as saying custom car window tinting is an investment in your vehicle.

Pitch-black tints aren’t just for celebrities, and privacy tints don’t need to be pitch black. There are several different reasons you might consider adding car window tints for privacy:

Providing your friends and family with additional privacy
Providing your ride-share passengers with a more luxurious ride
Cultural reasons
Protecting valuable equipment or tools stored in your vehicle

While many new cars now come with privacy glass in the back passenger windows, these are technically not tinted. Privacy glass is made by adding a dye during the manufacturing process and does not provide the same benefits as custom car window tinting. If your car has privacy glass or not, adding tinting to all of your car windows to achieve a more private and luxurious space for you and your passengers.

Quality Installation & Materials Matter

While it’s clear that getting your car windows tinted can provide a lot of excellent benefits, some products on the market are inferior. Additionally, as many vehicles come with some factory window tinting, ensuring the result is legal in Brisbane takes special testing and consideration. For this reason, we’d highly recommend consulting with us to find the best window tint solution. Our qualified experts can test your windows’ performance and provide a car window tinting quote unique to your needs. Talk to us today or pop in and see us at 169 Toombul Rd, Northgate.

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