Why should I “clay-bar” my car?

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

Even with a proper wash, it is impossible to remove all of the contaminants from your vehicle’s paint. Over time it accumulates contaminants like;

  •          Brake Dust
  •          Paint overspray
  •          Industrial fallout and many more

If you run your hand along your paint and it feels rough (or doesn’t feel like glass) then you need to clay your car.

These fantastic pictures illustrates the average condition of car paint after a wash and then after claying your paint.


Average paint condition after washing

Average paint condition after clay-bar

The clay bar removes these contaminants that sit above the clear coat. If you were to attempt to correct the scratches or other defects without claying the car, you would be more likely to actually cause MORE DAMAGE by dragging the contaminants across the paint.

Notice how the defects in the clear coat still remain? This is because the clay bar. When used with suitable lubricant, is non-abrasive and only picks up contaminants, not removing clear coat.

This leaves the surface ready to have the defects addressed by working down the clear coat to the bottom level of the defects with various compounds.

So how often should you clay your car?

The simple answer is whenever the paint feels rough! If you have a good wash and wax processes then you may only have to clay your vehicle once a year or so.

However, you should ALWAYS clay your paint before performing any defect correction. This is to prevent you from causing more damage than when you started!

Want your paint to feel like glass again and regain its deep, glossy shine? 

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Look at the holograms and swirls on the right-hand side that we removed after use of a clay-bar and buffing. The left-hand side feels smooth as glass!