Why Modesta Paint Protection Is Better Than Most?

November 21, 2022by Timeless_User

Protective waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings are just a few ways to shield your beloved car from grime and scratches. What could be the best option for you? Modesta Paint Protection. It lasts long, creates a durable protective coating, and looks gorgeous. Let’s dive into the nitty gritty of why Modesta is better than most paint protection options. 

  1. Modesta Paint Protection provides more durability 

Modesta offers an array of different coatings that allow you to find the best protection for your vehicle. Compared to waxes and sealants, Modesta Paint Protection’s glass coatings are often more durable. Modesta coatings can protect car paint from contamination, dirt, and scratches. In contrast, waxes don’t keep your car safe from chips, chemicals, or scratches. 


Water damage can be costly. Modesta Paint Protection also has water-repellant properties so you don’t have to worry about rain and other adverse environmental effects. If you live in Brisbane, you’re probably used to animal scratches and bird droppings damaging your car. A good Modesta protective paint coating can help protect your car from insects and birds. 

  1. It creates a stylish coating 

The Modesta Paint Protection formula results in a luminous shine. This gives a glossy look to your car that is absolutely divine, on top of being durable and resilient. Modesta’s pure glass coating reflects light of specific wavelengths, producing a fantastic, appealing gloss. 


Onlookers will appreciate your car’s look and may even think it befitting of a showroom’s top model! With Modesta Paint Protection, you can preserve your current car paint and improve your car’s appearance in one go. 

  1. Modesta Paint Protection lasts longer

A lot of protective options don’t stay long on your car. Waxes that last for a few months are already considered good. Meanwhile, when applied properly, Modesta Paint Protection can last a long time. 


The Modesta liquid glass coating can even last over 7 years if you upkeep it with proper maintenance! The longevity of this ceramic coating means you can keep your car looking fresh out of the dealership and high-value. 


  1. Modesta Paint Protection is easy to care for

It’s typically recommended to wash your Modesta Ceramic Coating one every two weeks. Avoid washing under direct sunlight and use the proper car wash, and your Modesta coating will be long-lasting, extremely durable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Get Modesta Paint Protection for your car 

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