Why Is Car Detailing Important For Summer?

November 22, 2022by Timeless_User

Getting your car detailed is one of life’s little luxuries. Once it’s done, it feels like you’re driving a whole new vehicle! But sometimes getting your car detailed isn’t just about having it feel shiny and clean. In the summer, auto detailing can actually help protect your car. Here’s why you should invest in detailing before your car sits in the summer sun.

UV Rays and Your Car

As anybody who’s ever spent a summer in Queensland knows, the sun here is very intense. This causes great weather for going to the beach, but can lead to all kinds of damage thanks to a high amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology notes that the average UV index in Brisbane over the course of the year is very high on the 14 point scale. If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you can thank UV radiation. But it’s not just our skin that UV can damage. Your car is at risk, too. Even if the temperatures are not extreme, the amount of sun and the intensity of it can seriously damage your car.

Fading and Oxidation

UV radiation causes two types of damage to automotive paint: fading and oxidation.


Fading occurs when the chemical bonds in paint break down due to UV radiation.  When the bonds break, colours begin to fade in an effect that is similar to bleaching. This is easiest to see in bright or dark coloured-cars, but it can happen to any colour of paint.


Oxidation is a chemical process similar to the formation of rust. It forms washed-out, brittle, sometimes flaky patches where your paint used to be. Oxidation is irreversible because it is also a chemical change to the structure of your car’s paint.

How To Protect Your Car from UV

The good news is that automotive detailing can provide options for sun protection. One of the best things you can do for your car is have a protective coating put on the paint– think of it like sunscreen for your car. This could be as simple as wax, or a more complicated, technical product. Your car detailing professional will discuss all of your options and help you choose which type of protection to use.


Don’t wait until the height of summer to get your car detailed and protected. Contact us at Timeless Car Cleaning to discuss your options for UV protection. Book now and keep your car looking and functioning its absolute best!