What Are 3 Reasons To Get Car Paint Protection?

October 19, 2022by Timeless_User

Car paint protection is precisely what it sounds like: it keeps your paint from being damaged. Whether your car is a daily driver, a collector vehicle, or something in between, car paint protection is essential. 

What is car paint protection?

Timeless Car Cleaning’s ceramic car paint protection is created using nanotechnology. Once applied to your car, it creates a glass-like layer that is composed of high-grade materials that repel water and gives the car a protective coating. 


New and old cars can benefit significantly from ceramic paint protection, which can keep the vehicle looking glossy and pristine. 


Here are the top three reasons to get car paint protection for your car. 

1. Enjoy enhanced car paint protection 

From harsh weather conditions, chemical cleaners, to annoying bug splatters and bird droppings, it is too easy for Brisbane cars to get damaged.  


Eventually, you have to repair these cosmetic issues so they don’t snowball into structural vulnerabilities that will be more dangerous for your vehicle.


Many auto dealerships will recommend you use a solution they provide to protect your new car. However, these dealership products are often overpriced and of lower quality. 


A professional ceramic coating done by Timeless Car Cleaning can protect your car wheels, paint, glass, exterior trims and even the interior. Say goodbye to oxidation, corrosion, and asphalt damage to your car paint. Our special coating makes your car thicker and more durable.

2. Save money 

Car repaints can be very expensive, especially if your vehicle has been custom painted. 


With a ceramic coating on your car, you won’t need as many repairs and/or repaints because it will be protected from UV, sunfade, scratches, and the environment.


In fact, with a protective ceramic coating installed, you might not have to deal with this particular vehicle’s paint job again.  


3. Maintain car resale value

Think of a protective glass-like layer over your car as an investment that will continuously pay off years to come. Even if you’re planning on driving your car for many kilometres, maintaining your car’s resale value is always a good idea. 


Car paint protection can help you keep your car in better condition and allow you to sell your used car for a higher price. 

Protect your car today!

Need high-quality car detailing and cleaning services? Timeless Car Cleaning offers two types of strong car paint protection packages that you can choose from. The TAC System Silica Treatment creates an ultimate shine, whereas the Modesta Liquid Glass Treatment produces a candy-like gloss. To top it off, we have excellent customer service. Book now!