Two Reasons Why Your Sponge Could Be Costing You THOUSANDS of Dollars

Here it is, the culprit, the destroyer of paint, the scratch-maker. The one thing that could be costing you a fortune and you may not even know it… The sponge.

We all did it, society has been telling us to do it forever, even music videos encourage it. Using a sponge to clean your car has been around for a long time. However, whilst being great for lots of other uses (cleaning dishes, cleaning the dog etc), cleaning your car is not one of them.

The sponge does hold a lot of liquid/suds. It is a good characteristic when it comes to washing your vehicle. However, underneath this helpful first impression is a much darker trait… It’s shallow pores.

The exterior of the sponge is thousands of tiny pore-like openings. Thus, the issue with the sponge is how shallow these are. They are often smaller than a piece of grit. This results in any dirt/grime that you may wipe over with your sponge getting ‘held’ in these pores o the outer surface. Consequently, this results in the dirt/grime being literally dragged and rubbed over your paintwork = swirls, and scratches.

We have a regular customer who bought a brand new black Honda civic ($33,000 roughly). He just washed it with a sponge. Certainly, the paint looked HORRENDOUS, especially in the sun…

So now your paint is scratched to hell….

Cost number 1

– You can get it fixed via a lengthy paint correction process which will run you anywhere from $400-$800 to get it back to perfect. Hopefully, you learn your lesson and don’t use the sponge again!

sponge to clean car 2

This photo is showing sponge induced swirl marks – BEFORE Paint Correction.

After we performed a 7-hour paint correction process by Timeless Car Cleaning.

Even more heartbreaking is cost number 2; the thousands of dollars you have literally just rubbed off your car’s value in the space of 30 minutes.

Your car’s exterior is the first thing your potential buyer will see and gives a great insight into how well the car has been maintained and how knowledgeable the owner has been.  Here’s the hot tip, if your paint is scratched to hell, it definitely isn’t the best first impression!

So, do you still want to use sponge to clean your car?


Timeless Car Cleaning has been servicing all of Brisbane since 2012. We offer car detailing, paint protection, and rustproofing and have been awarded as the Top Brand of the Word of Mouth every year!

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