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June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

We’re more than a detailing company… We’re proud to support Smart Pups in 2017.



Smart Pups are a fantastic charity which we’re supporting via their gala dinner. The dinner is run to assist a family each year in their fundraising for their Smart Pup. Smart pups are dogs that are trained task specifically for kids with special needs such as autism spectrum disorder and seizure-related syndromes.

The dinner details are as follows;

Location: Victoria Park Gold Club – Marble Bar and Ballroom
309 Herston Rd, Brisbane QLD 4006

Date: 8th April 2017

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This event’s Smart Pup will be for Sabrina;

Sabrina is a young girl from Toowoomba who suffers from the challenges of autism while also being blind in one eye and requires the assistance of a Smart Pup. Sabrina suffers from a wide range of symptoms due to her Incontinentia Pigmenti and her autism, both of which can make schooling and public outings overwhelming. She suffers from intense anxiety due to her difficulty in understanding social cues and will often run away. Subsequently, her family has had to separate for many years as their Dad was working in St George while her mother moved to Toowoomba to be closer to the medical and allied health services needed to support Sabrina.

As a result, it great strain on the family who have 3 other children, 2 of which have Incontinentia Pigmenti and Autism and the youngest daughter has who has epilepsy and vision impairment after a neonatal stroke. Due to this situation, Sabrina has been approved for a Smart Pup autism assistance dog. She is an ideal candidate for this dog as she has complex needs and a strong desire for companionship. She also already loves dogs!

This assistance dog will be trained specifically to her needs to help her bridge the gap between herself and her world and assistant her family in navigating everyday life with less stress.