Red dirt detail | Toyota Landcruiser | Brisbane

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

This 4×4 was in desperate need of red dirt detail after a fishing trip up in the Northern territory…

As many of you who’ve been up north or out west will know, red dust gets EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere. Not only does it settle in every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Over time it can even stain plastics, paint, and rubber. This is why it’s very important to either take care of it yourself or probably get a professional detailer. This Toyota Land Cruiser is up in the Northern Territory for a month. With fishing and visiting various sites on the itinerary the vehicle certainly lived up to its reputation. It had quite the adventure in the dusty outback. Combine this red dust infestation with the usual child-related grime and stains. Certainly, you end up with a pretty extensive detailing task.

red dirt detail

This interior is overdue for some Timeless treatment.

We washed the exterior 3 times in total in order to remove all traces of the red dust from window gaps, trim, mud flaps and all of the other hard to find places. Detailing brushes and compressed air is your best friend when it comes to red dirt removal. Compressed air with a high air-flow rate makes it easy to ensure all of your cleaning residues is removed, limiting the risk of any staining from left-over chemicals, generally this isn’t too much of an issue but chemicals used to clean red-dirt can be slightly more aggressive than the usual.

We then performed a one-stage paint correction to remove a number of “bush bashing” scratches along the length of the side panels. Some small sections were too deep to be fully removed but you wouldn’t be able to notice them if you didn’t know they were there. We applied a long-life paint sealant to provide deep gloss and lasting UV protection. We didn’t get any before’s of the outside due to time constraints but here’s the after.

red dirt detail 2

Onto the interior. Wow! This is time-consuming! The floor mats were all deeply stained. Our deep extraction shampooer sucked 4 tanks of dark, dark dirt out of them before they were ready to go back in. Every single inch of the interior needed to be soaked, scrubbed, dried and coated to restore the plastics to like new. Our best friend the compressed air, allowing us to deep clean even the vents within the dashboard. The leather got a deep clean with a soft brush and conditioned. Windows were cleaned inside and out with the windscreen getting a razor-blade treatment to ensure a perfectly smooth surface. A few sprays of our deodoriser and new car smell and she is ready to go!

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