“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”? – Aristotle

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

It is often forgotten that professional detailing is like any other industry, quality results don’t come cheap… Wouldn’t you want someone works on your second (sometimes first) most valuable asset to know what they are doing?

There are an increasing amount of people who decided to grab their sponge. Some car wash detergent and head out to charge you small sums for a car wash. After all, how hard could it be? It’s simply wiping the sponge over the car.
In a modern-day world, technology plays an ever-increasing part in the automotive detailing industry. Certainly, Sponges can be brutal as sandpaper. On the other hand, the industry standard is to have different cleaning objects for wheels, side skirts, etc. so as not to damage the rest of the car.

So when you pay an average or higher than the average price for an automotive detail, what are you paying for? Much like mechanics, automotive detailers must maintain a constant routine of learning new knowledge from an ever-changing industry. A new product is released weekly to help cut time and produce a higher result, so it becomes quite a time consuming to be able to pick which of these products will perform the best on your vehicle. There is also a tirade or research involved in simply picking the most appropriate technique or chemical application for your specific needs.

A cheap detailer will happily hose your vehicle and give it a scrub.

But an industry professional will use experience, logic, and foresight. This is to pick the best chemicals and technique for your vehicle to ensure the most effective, long term result. Naturally, these more advanced and higher quality chemicals come at a higher cost to the detailer. As well as advertising, staffing, equipment, and many other expenses. It becomes quickly obvious that even seasoned veterans in the industry are not handsomely paid. These are the detailers that possess the passion to stand by your vehicle and put pride into their work.

As an addition to staying up to date with current chemicals and techniques, professional detailers also maintain an extensive network with other professionals both nationally and internationally to discuss these techniques or to even seek advice. Because, ultimately this is what a professional in any industry will do. With passion as a driving force, they will strive for perfection in the face of adversity using their knowledge and experience as a tool to overcome obstacles.

So next time you think that the ‘$10 express wash’ option seems like a great deal, spend a minute to contemplate their ability. Even ask the people what chemicals they use, or about their process. Any proud professional will happily show you their range and explain their techniques.