Pre-Sale Detail Breakdown

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

Pre-sale detail (NOTE: You don’t have to be selling your car to book this detail, we do just as many for people who want to treat their vehicle to something special).

We designed this detail to MAXIMISE the value of your vehicle prior to sale, a complete detail of your car, covering all aspects of your vehicle. The perfect detail before taking photos of your car’s advertisement.

So what does the pre-sale detail include?

Let’s start with the exterior aspect of the detail. First impressions count, the exterior treatment including machine polish is designed to restore the gloss and clarity to your paintwork. Instantly making it more attractive to potential buyers.

High-Pressure Rinse – To remove as much mud/dirt/grime prior to washing.

pH neutral, gloss enhancing TWO-BUCKET wash with built-in paint conditioner. Performed with a lambs-wool wash mitt to ensure scratch-free results.

Carnauba based spray wax applied to add extra gloss and up to 3 months of UV paint protection.

Rims Cleaned  – With an acid-free wheel cleaner for safe cleaning.

Tyres Dressed

Clay bar treatment – To remove any bonded contaminants prior to polishing the surface.

Heavy bug and tar removal – Performed chemically, rather than abrasively.

One-stage machine polish – This is performed with a DUAL-ACTION polisher with zero-risk of burning paint/hologram etc.

Exterior plastics rejuvenated to restore the colour and dressed to prevent fading.

Higher grade carnauba wax applied (deeper gloss and longer life-span) – Adds gloss, water beading, and protection from paint fading/flaking.

Engine bay degreased and dressed. – Please note this is NOT a full underbody engine detail (people charge over $150 for this alone).

Interior aspect

Rubbish removal

Deep vacuum – Combined with a medium bristled brushes to open up the fibers and reach deep dirt.

Windows cleaned – Ammonia free cleaner which means it is SAFE on all window tint.

Boot cleaned out.

Dash wiped down

Console wiped down

Interior Dressing – Restores a matte finish and provides lasting UV protection.

Door Jambs cleaned.

Roof lining cleaned.

Deep Extraction Shampooing – Removes stains and disinfects all cloth/carpet.

Deodorised and new car smell.

FAQ How long will the pre-sale detail take?

This is hugely dependent on the current condition of the car. We estimate that it can take anywhere from 4-6 hours to complete the pre-sale detail. It’s very hard to give an exact estimate.

The time will also vary with the type of vehicle’s paintwork. E.g. a modern Mercedes / BMW has a physically tougher clear coat (the top layer of paint), therefore it will take longer for us to polish/correct. On the other end of the scale, a Subaru has very soft paint and takes longer to refine the finish.

Can this detail be performed as a mobile service?

Absolutely. Ideally, you will have water/power available (we can arrange our own, just let us know). We do require some sort of shade for the polishing stage, ideally a garage or carport but we can work with house/tree shadows if needed.

Please be aware that if there is no shade then the polishing will not work to its full potential.

Will this get all of the scratches out?

This is impossible to say without seeing the vehicle. This detail is designed to balance budgets with results, on some paints/vehicles it will be enough to bring it back to brand new, on others, it will bring it up to a great sale standard.

There is always the option of extra stages of polishing, your detailer will advise you upon arrival if they believe that it might be necessary, you can then decide from there. They can even show you a small test area to explain the differences.

My roof is has white cracks or is flaking, will this detail fix this?

No. Once your roof is at the point where it has fine white cracks or is flaking, this is “clear-coat failure” and it cannot be saved. The only option is to get that panel resprayed. We can help you get that organized but don’t do it ourselves.