Paint Protection – Is it REALLY worth it?

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

Since becoming Brisbane (and I think Queensland’s) only detailers to be authorized to apply both OPTI-COAT PRO and MODESTA paint protections (note Opti-coat haven’t updated the list on their website yet…) we have been answering this question more and more often. 

It simply comes down to 3 things;

  1. Do you want to keep your car looking great?
  2. Don’t you want to make it easy to clean?
  3. Do you want to avoid having to wax it every 3 months or so?

If your answers to all of these are “yes” (which let’s be honest, they should be) then paint protection is definitely a good fit for you.

So why all the doubters when it comes to paint protection?

This is really very simple. Dealers… Car dealerships are known to offer “paint protection” which is generally;

A.      Ridiculously overpriced.

B.      An inferior product (lasts months instead of years).

C.      Sometimes not even applied at all! (There have been cases of normal waxes being used)

It’s well known that the paint protection products used by dealerships often provide a large amount of their profit margin. That’s why they send out the pretty lady on the hard sell when it comes to discussing your paint protection options.

So this has given it a bad name, as you would expect.

What makes Timeless any different?

So to address the 3 issues with dealerships, if you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast and looking for car paint protection for your car we have 2 of the leading products there are…

A.      (dealer) Ridiculously overpriced – (Timeless) Our paint protection options start from $595 inc GST.

B.      (dealer) Inferior product – (Timeless) Both OPTI-COAT PRO and MODESTA come with EXTENSIVE warranties and proven track records. Not to mention the unbelievable depth and gloss they provide.

C.      (dealer) Sometimes never applied – (Timeless) We apply it, always!

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