Mustangs – Detailed in 2016…. Eyecandy

Showcase of some of the Mustangs we have detailed in 2016… many more to come in 2017

It’s really an honor to work closely with East Coast Customs this year to provide the ultimate protection and finishing options to accompany their phenomenal performance work. With even more Mustangs to come this year, we’re excited…

2016 Roush Supercharged Mustang GT – Paint protection applied at our Northgate Car Detailing Workshop. 


2016 Mustang GT – This Mustang came into our shop for a few days of professional paint correction to remove the usual dealership swirls, scratches, and scuffs. With a variety of machines, polishes, pads, and techniques we extracted every last drop of gloss out of the stunning yellow paintwork. Then we applied for our paint protection at our Northgate Car Detailing Workshop. Locking that gloss in for years to come.


2016 Roush Supercharged Mustang GT – One of our favourite photos, hard to beat that deep, wet gloss on this Roush Supercharged Monster. The afternoon sun at our Northgate, Brisbane workshop coming out to accent the quality finish. Again coated in our market-leading paint coating.


2016 Mustang GT – With the ruby metallic paint job being extremely popular, we loved the challenge of a flat red to work our magic. Yet again another happy customer with Paint protection applied at our Northgate Car Detailing Workshop. 


2016 Mustang GT – Another of our favourite pics, the wet gloss accentuated by those bonnet curves is just beautiful. We think it shows why Brisbane trusts us as their detailing company of choice.


2016 Mustang GT – Word of our workmanship traveled to Toowoomba, paint protection applied in this fantastic workshop. We’re happy to travel, if you want quality, we’ll be there.


2016 Roush Supercharged Mustang GT – An indoors shot of one of the ruby reds after having Paint protection applied at our Brisbane Detailing Workshop. 


Whether you’ve got a Micra or a Mustang… Whether you need a clean or a miracle… We love to please… Get in touch on 1300 85 77 34.

Timeless Car Cleaning has been servicing all of Brisbane since 2012. We offer car detailing, paint protection, and rustproofing and have been awarded as the Top Brand of the Word of Mouth every year!

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