Mitsubishi Oxidation (Faded Paint Removal) | Cut and Polish Detail | Brisbane

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

This little Mitsubishi’s owner called us  for a professional detail, a cut and polish to be specific. Performed on-site in Brisbane at the owner’s convenience

Mitsubishi oxidation

Mitsubishi oxidation 2

Heavy UV damage (oxidation) had caused this car’s paint’s clear coat to give it a pink appearance, rather than deep red. Brisbane’s high levels of sun/UV can cause this quickly. 

Luckily this oxidation wasn’t irreparable, our skilled detailers, Daniel, in this case, is well versed with dealing with this. A cut and polish safely remove this oxidation, restoring the original colour with some deeper gloss.

This gloss is locked in with a synthetic sealant (see below) to provide lasting protection and prevent it from returning for a period of time. Want to know how to stop it forever? Read below…

Mitsubishi oxidation 3

So how do you prevent this from occurring? Obviously, prevention is always better than cure, quality car detailers aren’t cheap so preventing the damage in the first place is a better option.

Not only that but by fixing this we are removing clearcoat, not always a lot of clear coat, but still removing it. Nonetheless, there is a limited amount on your vehicle and once it’s gone, the only option is to respray.

The best way to think of oxidation is like sunburn, how do we prevent sunburn? We apply sunscreen.

Now there are many types of “sunscreen” for our vehicle’s paintwork. The most basic of which is a wax. These waxes are natural UV inhibitors and absorb the UV rays before they make it to the vehicle’s clear coat, thus being a sacrificial layer. Waxes eventually broke down and “wear off” over time.

So we want something that lasts longer?

Next up is a sealant, generally longer lasting than the majority of waxes yet still providing a significant increase in gloss and water beading.

You want longer still? “I don’t want to have to worry about my paint fading for YEARS I hear you say…”

Ok well, we can help with that as well, now it’s time to look at paint coatings (aka Paint Protection). Coatings are inorganic (so they aren’t easily broken down if broken down at all) by UV over time. Meaning you don’t need to worry about waxing, or polishing your vehicle at all.

Even with a coating, you do still require regular maintenance and washing. So it’ll certainly make your life A LOT easier, we are privileged and proud to be authorized to apply MODESTA which is widely regarded as the world’s best coating. Applied by some of the top detailers across the globe.

So when do I know that my car’s clear coat can’t be fixed by a cut and polish?

best paint protection

As soon as your clear is actually cracked, flaking or peeling then it’s off the respray you go I’m afraid. At this point it becomes clear coat failure It is amazing however what can be fixed with the right tools, knowledge, and experience.

Check out this ford territory, not many people thought it could be saved, but we saved it!

best mobile car cleaning

Before – Heavy oxidation on this Ford Territory upon arrival in our Brisbane workshop

new car paint protection

During – Heavy oxidation being removed via skilled machine polishing.

pre sale detailing