Modesta Paint Protection + Mercedes E200

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

Another week, another Modesta paint protection application… Scroll down for the video.

Paint protection Modesta Brisbane

Mercedes E200 photographed in our on-site studio – Turntable Studio

This beautiful E200 new owner recommends us by a friend who had a Modesta treatment on his vehicle. Naturally, it delights the friend and had no hesitation in referring us.

We cracked on with the usual preparation, 2 bucket wash, clay bar, and inspection. Paintwork corrects and removes the odd paint defect.

brisbane paint protection


The car was then machine polished using RUPES machines and Modesta C-02 compounds. Our team also applies the primer resin (which alone is as thick as many other coatings) and then allows it to cure for 3 hours.

In this time, wheels cleans with safe wheel chemicals, clay barred and IPA’d (to ensure a perfectly clean surface) then also coated. Wheel protection prevents stubborn brake dust spots from forming and allows for easier cleaning in the future.

Then we apply Modesta BC-04 main coat, this took 4 hours total, taking care not to create any “high” spots. Modesta is so thick that if you allow it to sit for too long, you won’t be able to remove the excess. Meaning we have to work in smaller sections and take our time. Many other coatings can be applied to a whole car in around an hour or less… We love the thickness of BC-04, we can tell a real protective layer is being applied.

Hands down the best paint protection system on the market, and we’ve tried them all…

  • Unbeatable gloss.
  • Unmatched protection.
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