Mazda Paint Protection | TAC Quartz Sparkle | Toowoomba

Another week, another great detail and paint protection application by Kieren in Toowoomba…

This mazda3 came to Kieren in pretty good condition, just the occasional RIDS (Random Isolated Deeper Scratches) and some general swirling from wash methods.

The paint protection coating of choice for this detail was TAC Quartz Sparkle Plus. A 90% Silica Coating produced in South Korea by a manufacturer with over 20 years experience in the detailing industry.

It’s our preferred mid-range coating after testing A LOT of available products…

It provides years rather than months of increased protection against UV Damage, Chemical Pollution, Bird / Bat Droppings and more. Not to mention the deep gloss, hydrophobic nature (providing a self-cleaning effect) and ease of cleaning.

Paint Protection Toowoomba 2

Paint Protection Toowoomba 3

All in all another successful install by Kieren who has fast established Timeless as one of the (if not THE) premier detailing service in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re looking for basic details, correction (cut and polish) packages. Or full paint protection applications, Kieren is the go-to guy!

So, click HERE to send him a direct inquiry and get ready to fall in love with your vehicle again.

Alternatively, call us on 1300 85 77 34 or book now!

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