Lotus Elise S + Correction with Modesta P-01a

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

This pocket rocket came in due for some well needed TLC. Despite being under 2 years old, it had some pretty severe paint damage as a result of a maintenance regime involving the local hand wash cafe.

Another issue was the factory film on the headlights had also deteriorated. In this case to the point that it had flaked and started peeling, looking very ugly.

Correction with Modesta and BC

Step one was to start tackling the heavy brake dust on the matte rims.

TAC System’s IRON ZERO did a fantastic job as always. Being pH neutral it safely dissolved the brake dust and allowed for a touchless wheel wash (simply pressure washing after letting it dwell).

Correction with Modesta and BC 2

The colourful purple below is a by-product of the reaction.

Correction with Modesta and BC 3

Next up was a foam and pressure wash to remove as much loose dirt and grime as possible prior to touching the paintwork. No need to cause more damage prior to polishing..

Correction with Modesta and BC 4

TAC System’s Tar remover used on some stubborn tar spots in various areas, again safely dissolving them after being allowed to dwell…

Correction with Modesta and BC 5

Correction with Modesta and BC 6

Next up, the multi talented Iron Zero applied to paintwork to safely remove bonded metal particles, including brake dust, industrial pollution etc… Again we can see the purple indicating there was a lot on the surface.

iron zero applied to paintwork

iron zero applied

Traditional clay bars were then used to remove the rest of the contaminants, leaving the paintwork perfectly clean and ready for machine work…

clay bars removing contaminants

The unsightly yellow film was then removed via a combination of heat gun and adhesive remover.

yellow film removal

Multiple stages of machine polishing with a number of machines, pads and compounds to remove all of the imperfections.

Modesta‘s P-01a primer, BC-03 and M1-shot coating the paintwork (for protection whilst curing).

Unfortunately we didn’t get pics of this due to time constraints, however we did get some after shots!

The pearl white really popped again, the gloss is exceptional and blindingly white. We all needed shades when checking it in the sun.

Headlight is fully restored.

No need to wax again, the owner was ecstatic that it looks better than new!

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polished car

white polished car

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headlight restoration