Mercedes C250 | TAC Quartz Sparkle Plus | GTechniq Interior Protection. Brisbane HQ

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

New car interior paint protection applied by the team at HQ in Brisbane

Certainly, You will NOT find a better solution for your interior paint protection and detailing needs… I promise you.




Last year we switched our mid-range paint protection coating to TAC System, whilst not a household name they have over 20 years experience manufacturing car care products. In fact, they have manufactured for a number of the other major coating companies who sold under their own brand.

Now TAC produces under their own name, we’re very proud to be on board with them. It’s easily the best coating we have come across around the $700-1000 price range. Many others over promise or underachieve, TAC provides a thick, strong coating with great gloss and water behaviour.

Interior Paint Protection 2

Interior Paint Protection 4

Interior Paint Protection 3


So, as you can see from these pictures the TAC QUARTZ SPARKLE PLUS, which is a 90% Silica coating, provides great gloss. Above all, Locking in the perfect finish achieved via machine polishing prior to application. So, i
f you’re looking for an exceptional coating/protection option for an affordable price. We’ve got you covered.

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