HSV GTS – Massive paint correction and Modesta Paint Protection application

June 12, 2019by CDBnimdA0

As Brisbane’s leading Paint Protection applicators, we spent 2 days bringing this HSV GTS back to life.

This GTS came into our Virginia workshop. It’s his pride and joy, he put a lot of money into it and another “detailer” butcher its paintwork.

After an inspection and discussion, we decided on a 2-stage paint correction to restore the paint back to like new. Modesta P-01a and BC-05 as coating to provide a much deeper, candy-like gloss and thick protective paint protection which will last years.

The Massive Paint Correction

2-bucket wash method to begin with a small added amount of APC to strip any old waxes/residue.

Non-acidic wheel cleaner used to clean wheels.

We use clay bar to decontaminate the paintwork to prepare it for polishing (be wary of anyone who wants to charge extra for a clay bar as well as polishing, you HAVE to clay bar before polishing).

We perform 3 stages of correction using various pads and compounds. Step one, to remove the deepest of swirls/oxidation and scratches, stage 2 remove the last of the swirls and completely eliminate the holograms, stage 3 refine the reflections and add deeper gloss.

Finally, the Modesta paint protection application. First, we apply the P-01a primer which in itself adds exceptional gloss and a thick coat. This is left to cure for 3 hours so we jumped into the interior to give it some love.

After the P-01a is cured we move on to applying the BC-05, this is a time-consuming process as the coating is so thick but boy is the results worth it… Judge for yourself below..

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