How a $25 “saving” could cost you thousands in the long run

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

Once a customer has used us, they use us again, fact. Now I’m going to explain why $25 saving could cost you thousands.

We live in a time where everyone is trying to save a quick buck, petrol is up around $1.50 a litre and a block of cheese costs $7! It’s no wonder we are all looking to save, as a local business owner said to me the other day, “people will cross the road to save 10cents”.

My first reaction is, so they should! However, we tend to look at savings in the short run rather than the long. This is prevalent in our industry as much (if not more) than any other. The rise of the $35 wash n vac car wash cafes is evidence enough.

90% of our customers have previously been their customers. I’m sure you’ve used one of those services as well. One thing we hear a lot is that our customers were using these services either every week or every two weeks because the car gets dirty again quickly. Has it ever rained just after you’ve cleaned your car and then it is all streaky again? Exactly. The reason our customers keep using us is the car stays clean for up to 6 weeks! How? By using high-grade carnauba wax and other products.

So let’s do a little math….

$35 per wash X 26 (number of washes in a year at every 2 weeks) = $910

$60 per wash X 12 (number of washes in a year at every 4 weeks) = $720


And this doesn’t even take into account;

1.       HOURS SAVED

from not having to drive to the car wash on your weekend. Let’s say it takes you 1 hour each time, that saves you 26 HOURS, that’s over ONE WHOLE DAY, and not just any day, its weekend time, which we usually spend with our loved ones.  What price would you put on that?!

2.       RESALE VALUE 

a professional detail including wax and UV protection will drastically reduce the rate at which your vehicle devalues.

So the long-term savings can easily add up to $1000s of dollars including resale value. So my question is this, will you spend $25 more today, to save over $1000 tomorrow? Of course, you would, so book a detail today and see why everyone is using Timeless Car Cleaning.

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