Golf R32 correction and Opti-Coat PRO+

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

paint correction

paint correction 2

paint correction 3

paint correction 4

Opti Coat PRO+ Dual layer paint correction

Meanwhile, this stunning Golf R32 came to our Brisbane workshop in need of a bit of love. Certainly, we didn’t have time to snap any before pics but it was reasonable swirled up and had a fair amount of deeper scratches. Nothing a good detail couldn’t take care of.

With a day of machine work to remove the swirls and reduce the deeper scratches, the results were great. And with the customer wanting lasting paint protection he opted for Opti-Coat PRO+ as his product of choice. The new dual-layer paint correction formula with increased gloss and anti-water spotting combines with its traditional chemical and UV protection.

The result… A beautiful gloss with easy maintenance, what more could you ask for! He also got the interior leather and fabric treated with Opti-Guard products.

Opti- Coat PRO+ available from $595 inc GST.

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