Ford XR6T Paint Protection in Toowoomba

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

Looking for affordable, REAL paint protection in Toowoomba?

The owner of this XR6T came to us wanting it to look “better than new”, if you’ve seen our recent work in Toowoomba on this 1939 Ford then you’ll know that’s what we do.

The plan was to perform a multiple-stage paint correction (i.e. leveling of the clear coat to remove scratches, swirls, and holograms) and then apply TAC System’s Quartz Sparkle 75% SiO2 paint coating.

This will provide years of protection against;

  • Bird/bat droppings.
  • UV damage (which causes paint to fade, flake and peel)
  • Minor scratches and swirls (hugely increases scratch resistance, note it isn’t scratch PROOF – nothing is).and also provide extreme, deep gloss and easy cleaning.

First up was a 2-bucket method wash, followed by a clay bar treatment to get the paint perfectly clean and ready for inspection…

paint protection in Toowoomba

Inspection in direct sunlight indicated a lot of swirling and holograms (from incorrect buffer use in the past).

paint protection in Toowoomba 2

So with the inspection done it was time to start correcting the paintwork. We performed our usual test spot to determine what the best combination of pad/compound/machine/speed was to provide the best results efficiently.

Then it’s just a matter of putting in the hours, correcting the paintwork and then refining it prior to coating.

Here is an example on the front quarter panel, swirls being removed by the 1st stage of compounding. Then we later refine the finish with a stage of polishing.


Getting some great gloss and clarity…




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