Everyday Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

Most of us use our cars every single day for work, leisure, vacation and many more. We really cannot avoid the fact that we have rubbish and waste on the inside. We can preserve the cleanliness of the car by doing these simple, yet amazing and useful steps.

  1. Small Rubbish Bin

  • A small bin or container can be used so you to have a place for your rubbish. So that whenever you eat and need to throw your wrappers out, you can just throw it in your mini bin. Not only does it maintain cleanliness, but also saves the environment by avoiding throwing outside.
  1. Tissue/towels and wet wipes

  • We really can’t tell when there will be spills and dirt in our cars. Always have a tissue box or wet wipes on hand so that you can clean up immediately in any case.
  1. Clean footwear

  • Since we always use our shoes, sandals or thongs whenever we go out, there’s always dirt, sand, and mud. Just before putting your feet on your car carpets, knock them off or remove the dirt from your footwear to help keep it clean.
  1. Air Freshener

  • There are times that our car produces smell in a very unpleasant way. Have a car freshener in your car to eliminate these odors, and also for your company to feel great once they hop in the car.
  1. Coin/Money organizer

  • Pretty sure you always have loose change in the car. It may be on the floor, console, or drink holders. These are coming from change whenever you do a drive-thru service, from Petrol stations or the morning coffee. Having a small container or purse to keep your loose change in help keep the car tidy and organized.

These are just some of the simple things that you can do yourself to keep your car clean. They may be small but it can give huge results for your car especially on the interior. But if you really need to have a good clean, you need to have a professional to do it. Timeless Car Cleaning will be the perfect company to do the job. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.