Does Detailing Increase Your Car’s Value?

October 19, 2022by Timeless_User

The value of your car determines its resale price. Whether you plan on selling it soon or in the future, once you have driven your car out of the dealership, it is important to take steps to maintain the car so you can maximise your gains upon resale. 

You have probably heard about how detailing your car is an amazing way to boost your car’s value. But how is that possible? Is a car detail worth the money? Let’s dive into what you need to know about car detailing as pre-sale preparation. 

What is car detailing? 

Car detailing refers to the thorough cleaning, washing, restoring, and polishing of a vehicle. There can be both exterior and interior car detailing depending on your needs. Car detailing helps give your car an excellent finish.

What determines car resale value? 

One of the main factors influencing your car resale value is the car’s condition. Since cars are typically significant financial investments, buyers will check with a keen eye for defects, functionality, and appearance. 


Assuming that the car is meant to be a daily driver and not a collector’s antique or classic car that sits in the garage, the fresher the car looks, the better the resale value.


Car buyers will often look to see if the car’s bodywork has scratches, dings, and dents. The exterior of a car is usually easier to mask with some waxing and buffing. However, the inside of a car being worn down or stained can be harder to deal with. Cars that have an interior odour or look dirty can significantly decrease the car value. 

Does car detailing increase your car value? 

A pre-sale car detail can potentially increase your car’s value by thousands of dollars! More specifically, car detailing can increase your car’s trade-in value by around 10% and the private sale value by 9%. 


Car buyers who are looking for a car typically know what is worth their money. An appealing appearance can go a long way when it comes to used cars. Stains and smells easily scare buyers off. People want to buy from a reseller who looks like a responsible and hygienic car driver. 


Polished models usually go for far more than dirty, poorly maintained ones. If you have applied a glossy finish to your car, it can create an even better first impression to buyers. A flawless finish makes it easier for you to close sales because it impresses car buyers.