Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Bugs?

November 25, 2022by Timeless_User

Bees, mosquitoes, flies… there are many woes associated with insects. Unfortunately, your cars are not immune to bug damage. When driving across Australia, it’s common to hit bugs that end up chipping away at or sticking to your beautiful car paint. How can you keep your car safe from bugs? 


Luckily, there is a new solution to bugs. A ceramic coating is one fantastic way to take care of your car and prevent insect damage. 

What is a ceramic coating? 

A ceramic coating is a special type of car paint protection. Tiny ceramic particles attach to your car’s paint directly, creating a semipermanent bond. This hydrophobic layer protects your car’s exterior from oxidation, scratches, UV rays, and bug damage.  

Does ceramic coating help against bugs?

Many car drivers have embraced the long-term benefits of ceramic coatings, but does a coating of ceramic really protect your car against bugs? Yes, it does! 


Ceramic coatings have insect-repelling properties that can protect your vehicle’s front end, grille, and bumper from collecting insect residue. With an advanced coating of ceramic, you can avoid damaging bug buildup. This can be incredibly valuable for daily drivers because you won’t have to worry as much about washing off massive amounts of bug residue all the time. 

How does ceramic coating prevent acidic bug damage?

Unpleasant as it is, the liquid splat that comes from bugs hitting your car is typically acidic in composition. This means that it can actually make a serious mark on your car paint over time, causing it to fade or get scratched. Ceramic coatings can help you protect your car paint from such acidic bug residue. 

Do you need to wash your car for bugs?

Car enthusiasts are aware that it’s important to wash your car exterior so that bug splats don’t build up into tiny graveyards. However, it is not often realistic or practical to be washing your car all the time, especially if you want to enjoy a vacation or a road trip. A ceramic coating may be able to help you achieve a glossy, new-car look while also protecting your car paint from insect issues. 

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