Do You Need Paint Protection On A New Car?

May 12, 2023by Timeless_User

Buying a new car straight from the dealership is exciting. You want to take your new car for a spin, but wait – the dealership is offering you paint protection options. Do you take it?


While car paint protection is a great deal, it’s usually better to get it done by paint protection professionals as opposed to the dealership itself. An expertly applied layer of high quality protection will be able to last longer and be more robust. 


Here are 4 reasons you should get paint protection on a new car. 

1. The sooner the car is protected, the more value you can get

After you buy a new car, it’s the ideal time to get car paint protection. Even though at the moment your car paint does not need an aesthetic revitalisation, adding extra paint protection helps ensure that your car will stay cleaner for longer. It can even save you money in the long run by helping you avoid car paint damage. 

2. Car paint protection keeps your car looking new 

Ceramic coating in particular, offered by Timeless Car Cleaning, can give your car a glorious glossy sheen. This thick layer of ceramic coating keeps your car appearance sharp and shiny. If you want to maintain the aesthetic value of your new vehicle, getting car paint protection done professionally is a great idea. 

3. It adds a durable layer of protection to your car 

The ceramic coating that bonds with the surface of your car is able to protect your car from scrapes and scratches. It can also prevent damage from bird droppings, insect buildup, harsh cleaning chemicals, as well as UV light damage from the sun.


Durability can go a long way when it comes to maintaining the value and appearance of a car. If you ever plan on selling your vehicle, 

4. Car paint protection is a good investment 

Your car is already a financial investment, you want to be able to drive it for a long time. With all the benefits added together, it’s a worthwhile investment for many car owners to procure paint protection for their new vehicles. It’s the best way to maintain the looks and longevity of your car paint. 


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