Achieve True Exterior Protection With the Best Car Ceramic Coating Geebung Can Access

Are you tired of using car wax to protect your vehicle? Did you know that even the highest-quality wax products will only last around 3-4 months? There is a better process available, and it’s called Ceramic Coating. Geebung vehicle owners can do away with annoying wax products, save time and ensure greater protection for their vehicle from the harsh elements with our help.

Timeless Car Cleaning offers the best car Ceramic Coating Geebung can access all at an affordable price, starting from $895. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this amazing product.

The ultimate protection for your wheels, paint, glass and interior

With our high-quality paint protection, Geebung vehicles are safe from any wild weather conditions from the harsh sun and UV light to bird droppings, tree sap and more.

With our Ceramic Paint Protection, Geebung cars have an additional layer that will significantly lessen the risk of paint being chipped or damaged from road wear while also keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer.


The main difference with our Ceramic Coating

With Timeless Car Cleaning Ceramic Coating, Geebung’s new and used cars receive the highest-quality professional, transparent, and cost-effective vehicle protection, which far exceeds the option offered by auto dealerships.

We use nanotechnology, which creates an effective glass-like layer over the paint of your vehicle. This product is composed of high-grade silicon and titanium dioxide creating a hydrophilic chemical bond. The final product repels water while protecting your car damage and other unsightly issues.


Preparation is crucial; in most instances, even with vehicles, a deep polish is required to remove surface roughness and other abrasion marks caused by most dealers cleaning methods.

After the original colour coat is levelled, we are able to add the protective ceramic coating. After this has been allowed to set you are left with a thicker, glossier and more protected car.

The finest application thanks to our proven process

Our ceramic paint protection is delivered via a quality application and polishing technique that has helped countless satisfied customers. Your vehicle will look shiny and new for longer, reducing the frequency of required cleaning.

We begin the application with a deep polish which will remove surface roughness and abrasion marks. The original colour coat is then levelled, after which we add the protective ceramic coating. This will then set, leaving a thicker, glossier car with the highest levels of protection available.

The science behind Ceramic Coating

The reason why Ceramic Coating is so effective is that it works at a molecular level, filling the small pores of your paintwork and creating a smooth hydrophobic surface.

This blocks foreign matter from attaching itself to your vehicle’s paintwork, protecting against the following:

  • Scratches and abrasions
  • Stone chips
  • Water spots and acidic rain
  • Road tar
  • UV rays
  • Bird droppings and bug splatter
  • Swirl marks
  • And more

This durable, glossy and protective hydrophobic layer is the highest level of protection available for the surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. Scientifically proven to block dirt, mud, grime, dust, and more while preventing contaminants from clinging to your vehicle, this is the most effective way to avoid unwanted damage to your car’s exterior.


Maintain the like-new condition of your vehicle for years to come

After just one application of our Ceramic Coating, you’ll enjoy a level of protection that eclipses the level of any car wax available. Ceramic Coating fuses to the surface of your paintwork and cannot be dislodged, maintaining your paint’s shine while causing dirt particles to simply roll off the surface.

Your car’s paintwork will stay in pristine condition for longer while also being easier to clean on an ongoing basis.

Lessen the amount of washing and waxing required

The frequency at which your vehicle needs to be washed will reduce significantly after Ceramic Coating. Geebung residents can also do away with the wax, as maintaining the car’s shine will be a breeze.

Continuous washing and waxing can sometimes do more harm to your exterior than good, leaving it vulnerable to paint defects, swirl marks, holograms and more. After Ceramic Coating, you can avoid waxing and polishing! Simply soak, rinse and dry for the ultimate shine and gloss, looking like you’ve just driven off the lot.


Maintain the like-new condition of your vehicle for years to come


How Ceramic Coating can save you money in the long run

If you use traditional paint protection like wax, you’ll find yourself paying to reapply it every few months at a few hundred dollars a pop. The more cost-efficient option is a one-off application of Ceramic Coating by our professional team, which provides superior paint protection for years!

The calculations don’t lie; a professional Ceramic Coating application saves you money in the long run with the bonus of knowing your vehicle’s exterior has the ultimate protection while you drive.

Why trust our expert ceramic coating team?

The Timeless Car Cleaning has been offering expert paint protection and car cleaning since 2012. We’ve been awarded the ‘Top Brand for the Word of Mouth’ every year thanks to the exceptional work from our skilled detailers.

Knowledgeable and approachable, no job that is too big or small when we aim to provide customers with the friendliest and most convenient detailing experience possible in Geebung. We only use the most modern and up-to-date processes to ensure our actions are eco-friendly with professional equipment. Everything is operated by fully trained staff to ensure the complete safety and care of your vehicle. As a licensed and fully insured company, you can trust that our work will produce above exceptional results that you’ll be very happy with.


Book in for the best Ceramic Paint protection Geebung can offer today

Nothing beats a perfectly detailed vehicle, and with our Ceramic Coating, your car’s paint will always be in pristine condition. Maintain the longevity and value of your vehicle and avoid paintwork imperfections that will eventually become major complications that cost a lot to repair down the track.

Ensure a high resale value for your vehicle and always drive in comfort and style while being completely protected from minor scratches and other unavoidable elements that threaten the condition of your car. Chat with our Ceramic Coating experts today!

Maintain the like-new condition of your vehicle for years to come

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