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June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

Brisbane’s Best Car Detailing Company vs Mercedes C63 & Modesta BC-05 Ceramic Car Coating

Having previously used our detailing services for a red GTS, one of our loyal customers decided to once again to get a full detail and also add on a paint protection treatment. But this time, for his recently purchased Mercedes C63.

Widely renowned as the world’s most advanced paint coating, Modesta BC-05 was chosen for its Silica (Silicon Dioxide) base which when combined with P-01a primer produces an insanely deep, candy-like gloss.

Why Should You Choose Modesta BC-05 Ceramic Paint Protection?

  • Unbeatable depth and gloss
  • UV protection – no need to wax again!
  • Chemical resistance – Modesta vs Nitric Acid (See An Example Here)
  • Easy cleaning

Before ceramic paint protection:

As you can see, the car was in reasonably good condition, with just the usual road grime and brake dust build-up which is commonly seen on Europeran cars.

After a full decontamination wash, clay bar treatment, and spot polishing, the C63 was then given an IPA wipe down to remove any oils and aid in the bonding of the paint protection. The Modesta P-01a primer was then applied and the car given a full polish. This alone provides an amazing glossy sheen and prepares the car for paint protection.

180 minutes were left to pass and then the process of coating with the BC-05 could begin. A thick coating is carefully applied, all spots are smoothed out an extra layers are needed for any small indentations. This process takes the most time but leaves smooth, unparelled surface protection.

Finally, each panel is cured under an infrared light for fifteen minutes. This light helps to increase the depth of the gloss and speed up the hardening of the coating.

The finished product… ceramic car coating that is extra slick and ultra glossy!

At Timeless, we spend a lot of time here in our Brisbane workshop trialing and testing new products. Whether this be for Rustproofing, Ceramic Paint Protection, Car Window Tinting or Ceramic Paint Protection. As a result, we only use the best.