BT-50 Overspray removal / Paint RESCUE detail! – Toowoomba

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

Now we’re very proud of our vehicle detailing team, we all know that. Then occasionally one just leaves us wow’d!

This BT-50 detail with paint overspray removal was one of those moments… 

Paint Rescue detail

Kieren the detailer that deals with this Paint Rescue detail card. Out in beautiful Toowoomba, the overspray had asolutely COVERED the Mada BT-50… Believe it or not, it’s actually black, not grey.

The photo above starts to give you an idea of the lack of gloss or reflections. The paint had been left to harden for a long period of time, mixed in with sand and then the usual contaminants on top.

Standard procedure would include a clay bar and chemical decon. The right-hand side of this photo shows the surface AFTER the usual procedures, yeah, it was that bad…

Paint Rescue detail 2

So the next step was to actually wet sand the paint off, followed by a few stages of machine polishing to restore it to its former glory.

So the next step was to continue with the wet sanding on the WHOLE vehicle, this wasn’t isolated overspray. It was on every panel. Taking considerable skill and attention to detail, Kieren continued over the next couple of days, sanding, polishing… Sanding, polishing…. etc etc

Consequently, the effort was worth it, more than just a detail. Significant hours, high skill levels and persistence got this 2013 BT50 back to as close to new as possible. More importantly, got it into a sellable condition.

Here’s the finished BT-50 after a monster detail by Kieren in Toowoomba. No detail too big, no detail too small!

Paint Rescue detail 3
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