BMW Z4 – Paint Protection & Interior Protection – Brisbane

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

“I’ve never seen anything so glossy in my life!”

Now that’s the kind of feedback we like to hear!

This 1-yr old BMW came in looking like a 10-yr old BMW, with swirls and holograms galore on the paintwork. The carpets had a lot of sand and pet hair and interior plastics were already a little faded.

Sadly we didn’t take any before pics as we were under the pump. After 10 man hours of polishing and 2 on restoring/shampooing the interior, we started coating and boy it looks great!

Here’s the Z4 wearing TAC Quartz Sparkle paint protection outside our Brisbane HQ

interior protection 2

TAC Quartz Sparkle is a certified 75% SiO2 paint coating.

  • Extreme candy-like gloss.
  • Ultimate protection from the elements and acidic bird/bat droppings.
  • Extreme life span – Lifetime warranty (with yearly check-ups).

This customer also understood the importance of protecting the vehicle’s interior.

  • TAC’s interior coatings provide years of protection for the fabric, plastic and leather interior. Greatly reducing wear and tear and the need for expensive maintenance products.

Finally, the wheels were coated with Quartz Magic to make cleaning easier and to prevent stubborn brake dust spots from forming.

So now the car is completely protected for years to come.

Total cost, around $1200 for a small car, saving THOUSANDS from the overpriced dealer products which often won’t last longer than a few months!

Enjoy the rest of the pics.