Audi S7 | Modesta P-01A & BC-05 Application

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

This 2nd hand Audi S7 got a full correction and Modesta application at our Brisbane Workshop…

modesta application 2

modesta application 3

modesta application 4

We received a phone call from a customer who had been waiting for months to pick up his S7. Certainly, as a second-hand vehicle, it has no proper maintenance and had swirl marks all over various deeper scratches.

After a proper wash and chemical decontamination, we got to work with the machine polishing. Removing the very light oxidation and thousands of wash scratches were easy with the correct equipment and technique.

The photo below shows a “50/50”, the left half of the bonnet is BEFORE polishing (you’ll see the faded nature, and scratches catching in the sunlight), the right-hand side is AFTER polishing, prior to coating.

After we finished polishing the whole vehicle, we used IPA to remove all leftover polish oils and we also apply Modesta P-01a primer and BC-05, leaving the surface with a beautiful deep gloss and protected for years to come.  Love our modesta application job? Contact us now!