6 reasons to get your car detailed today – Guest Post

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

If you thought that your car was just fine as it was; gassed up, oil changed, the air in the tires, no major fumes coming from it; you are missing a pretty big component. At least if your car’s exterior is dirty. While we don’t often think of cleanliness for our car is essential to its overall health, there are many reasons to want to keep your car looking good. Here are 7 reasons to get your car washed now.

Ride Pride: 

When you’re driving around a clean car you carry yourself a little bigger. It may sound trivial but consider it; how do you behave when you are out in your car and the whole thing is looking sloppy? You certainly don’t want to be caught out by your mates or anyone you’re romantically interested in, right? Take some pride in your ride and clean that mess up!

Safety First:

When your car is clean your windows, mirrors, taillights, and glass are clean. You can see people; people can see you. This first call for safety when you are driving might be the biggest reason to get your car cleaned right away; especially before you head out at night; it’s madness to think anything but!

Fuel Economy:

Yes your car looks better when it’s clean but did you ever think that your fuel economy could be improved by having a clean car? It actually makes perfect sense if you consider it. When you are running on the highway or even just around town if you have got dirt and debris on your car you are facing greater wind resistance. The television show Mythbusters ran this exact experiment and found the clean car was 2 miles per gallon more efficient!

Time & Money:

Going out to get your car cleaned also makes a lot more economical sense; both from a “time and money” standpoint. Unless you already have a hose, a bucket, a sponge, and a cleaning solution, these are all things you need to buy to even try to clean the car yourself. Add in the time it’s going to take for you to get your car prepped for cleaning and then let it dry and then maybe the application of wax or something and you’re talking about a whole afternoon. Maybe this was a fun time with grandpa when you were a kid, but it’s 2013; time to just go out and get some professional car detailing. Nowadays they come to you, take no time out of your day, and are very affordable.


A clean car is a happy car. You are a lot more likely to keep care of your good looking car. If your car looks like it crawled out from the swamp then you are going to treat your car that way. That’s no way to have a relationship with your automobile. You should be concerned about how your car looks, how it’s running, how the paint job looks, and that runs hand-in-hand with regular washing. Protecting the value of your car is vital.


Going right along with that last you want your car to look great! A good looking car makes a great first impression and we all know you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Look after your car by keeping it clean and you’ll be better off for it!

Nick writes for KATS Automotive, your trusted Repco mechanic in East Brisbane. They specialize in safety testing including brakes, shock absorbers, and wheel alignment.

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