5 Reasons To Get Car Paint Protection In Summer?

January 31, 2023by Timeless_User

Summer in Australia means plenty of activities in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, your car will also sustain extra damage because of these hotter months. Here are the 5 top reasons you should get car paint protection in summer.

1. Protect your car paint from sun damage

When exposed to the sun, car paint will fade and lose its vibrancy. Since ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are more intense during summer, it means that your car paint will be more negatively affected by sun damage during this time. 

2. Prevent damage from bug splatters 

Bug buildup and splatters frustrate drivers everywhere. Not only can insect damage on your car be unpleasant to look at and deal with, but it can also cause damage to your car paint due to the acidic accumulation of bug parts. 


Many bugs thrive and repopulate most in summer due to the increased heat and humidity, which results in insect damage being more of an issue than ever. But don’t worry – car paint protection in the form of a ceramic coating can effectively prevent insect buildup from damaging your car paint. 

3. Give your car a makeover for summer

New season, new you. New car paint! Our car paint protection options are ideal for both new and used vehicles that want to look better for summer. Ceramic coating results in a thick, glass-like layer on your vehicle that protects your car from blemishes. It keeps your car looking glossy, clean, and fresh for a long time. 

4. Keep your car clean for road trips

Now that the weather is better, you might want to go on a car ride adventure. Even if you’re not offroading and are simply going on soothing trips to the lake or beach, a lot can happen on a road trip. Mud, rain, and dust can all make your car exterior dirty while you’re on the road. Car paint protection can prevent your car from getting tarnished. 


5. Reduce the chances of scratches and dings

A layer of special ceramic coating is the best way to effectively protect your car from scratches, dings, and other indentation damage. The coating is thick and strong, which means that you can drive your car throughout summer without worrying about getting scratched by other things on the road. 

Get high quality car paint protection for summer 

Prepare your car with paint protection so it’s summer-ready! Contact us at Timeless Car Cleaning for a free, no-obligation quote or give us a call at 1300 85 77 34 to discuss your car protection options.