3 reasons you need a deep extraction shampoo

June 12, 2019by Timeless_User

1) It’s healthy! – Antibacterial treatments protect you and your family.

If you have children or have even just had children in your vehicle you’ll agree with us here… They are MESSY! Sometimes getting your car cleaned isn’t enough, it needs more.

No kids? How about pets? Or even just yourself! We all make a mess sometimes, spilled coffee, Maccas chips down the side of the chair. And with the beautiful warm climate, we have here it doesn’t take long for germs to develop.

DID YOU KNOW? Your car interior has more germs in it than a toilet bowl!

Certainly, a good deep extraction shampoo treatment involves anti-bacterial stages which annihilate illness-causing germs and keeps you and your family healthy.

2) It looks great! – Everyone loves a clean car.

We spend A LOT more time in our car than we realize, thousands of commuters spend hours per day in their vehicle. Spending that time in a messy, smelly vehicle can really bring you down.

Often we don’t realize how much difference spending our time in a clean. Hence, fresh vehicle will make to our mood. Start your day off the right way by stepping into a spotless car. Cleaning with a quality shampoo treatment will be the way to achieve this.

3) It makes life easier! Protect your asset – Don’t leave it too late…

Above all, vehicle is a large purchase, we spend lots of our hard earned money on them. Yet often we don’t look after it?

We all know that it’s best to attack a stain as soon as possible. Yet often we leave it for months. Getting a shampoo treatment once a year or immediately after spills/accidents will make maintenance easier, maintain your vehicles value and avoid having to replace upholstery destroyed by old stains.

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