Paint RESURRECTION – 2006 Crewman

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

Any Paint Protection application is only as good as it’s preparation, check this Crewman out as an example of why we are Brisbane’s favourite Paint Protection applicators.

From this… Oxidised, dull and faded…

Paint Protection Brisbane

To this… Deep, lustrous gloss, protected for YEARS to come…


  • Easy maintenance.

The initial inspection:

 So initial inspection showed A LOT of sun damage. Those white cloudy patches are the result of UV damage and oxidation of the clear coat (top layer of most modern paint jobs).

This owner called us at the right time, there wasn’t long to go before it would be completely clear coat failure and an expensive respray would’ve been the only option. Once the clear coat is cracked, flaking and peeling, even the world’s best detailer can’t save it without painting.

Luckily for this owner, we have Tavis, our extremely skilled senior detailer.

This wasn’t just a simple correction. This high level of oxidation requires very aggressive machine work to remove. This means we’re treading a thin line between removing the oxidation and burning through the paint.

For us this isn’t even a worry, years of research and practice mean we get it right, every time.

Here’s a quick picture of the bonnet after half of it has been polished using a rotary polisher with a wool pad and aggressive cutting compound.


As you can see, the top half is starting to show nice deep gloss and smoother reflections.

At this point it still needs refining. Tavis switches to a Dual-Action polisher and a less aggressive pad and polish to further increase gloss levels and refine the reflections.

Once this is completed, we remove all traces of polishing oils from the surface, this is KEY. We are going to apply a long-lasting coating so we need a perfectly clean surface, have you ever tried to paint something covered in oil? The paint won’t stick and your results won’t last. It’s the same with applying coatings.

We used TAC OIL ZERO as our surface preparation product of choice.

The crewman was then coated with TAC QUARTZ SPARKLE.

  • Certified 75% SiO2 content.
  • Years of chemical (protection from bird and bat droppings) and UV protection (no need to wax again, the paint won’t fade, flake or peel).
  • Years of deep, lustrous gloss.
  • Easy maintenance.