Magna Detail and Resurrection – Toowoomba

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

This Mitsubishi Magna has never seen a detail or any kind of polish in its lifetime since factory (2003)! Certainly, we love this kind of challenge and helped this heavily oxidised (cloudy/chalky finish on a white car). And scratched up the car to restore its depth and luster in the paintwork.

The plan was to perform a 2-stage machine polish.

  • note: a “hand polish” would take WEEKS to achieve the same level of finish. Anyone who says machines ruin paint is wrong, PEOPLE who don’t know what they’re doing ruin paint…

Then we always seal the paint with a quality sealant, adding gloss, UV protection and making maintenance easier.
Here is a more detailed rundown of what our process was:
-We start with a standard snow foam application and rinse. This is to remove any excess and loose dirt, debris and any product on the paintwork

-Followed with a 2 bucket wash (one of the safest ways to wash a car)

  • note: we use 20ltr buckets with grit-guards, fresh water, and a lambs-wool wash mitt.

– rims and tyres got a good clean to remove years of brake dust build up and stubborn staining.

– We also had to remove heavy glue build up on the front of the car left over from protective clear plastic covers. Protective clear plastic covers that had been removed and replaced multiple times without, particularly thorough prep.

– Next up was a Clay bar to remove any leftover surface contaminants (brake dust, industrial fall out etc) leaving the paintwork with a glass-like finish ready for our correction process, all the cracks and crevasses were so built up we spent a total of 2 hours just prepping this car for its correction.

  • note: Beware of any ‘detailer’ that charges extra for a clay bar on top of polishing. The clay bar is an ESSENTIAL part of the preparation for any polishing.

– A full paint correction was needed as the car’s paint was Oxidised. Think of this as sunburn, wax acts as a sunscreen and prevents this and full of heavy Scratches. (2-stage). We used a combination of Polishes (3m/Rupes) and Pads (ranging from wool to foam) to achieve our final finish.

– After finding the correct combination for the car needed we spent over 8+ man hours to get this vehicle looking pristine once again. (First cut with a rotary polisher and wool pad, second and final polish with a foam pad and medium to final polish compound)

– For the final protection/sealant we used our M-Sealer. This will offer a super wet finish but also close to 3 months’ worth of protection for a daily driven car.
Whether you want anything from basic detailing to the World Leading Paint Protection (Modesta), feel free to call or email us any time, we are happy to answer all questions and give you as must possible information we can to help sort out your car detailing needs.