Correction and Modesta Paint Protection – Falcon

June 5, 2019by Timeless_User

We were delighted when one of our old customers decided to book in his prized XP for correction and Modesta liquid glass coating.

However, she came in looking more than a little worse for wear. Whilst she is definitely the owner’s pride and joy, it spends a lot of time in the sun without wearing any protection!

As we all know here in Australia the high UV index wreaks havoc on a vehicle’s clear coat. It’s beautiful deep purple paint job looks severely rough, faded and oxidised. It was very good timing to get it in, we don’t think it would’ve been long until clear coat failure in which the only solution is an expensive respray!

NOTE – A quality wax/sealant or coating will provide UV protection and prevent this oxidation.

Onto some photos – BEFORE

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection

XP Falcon Car Detailing

The oxidation/damage is pretty obvious above. We can tell there’s a beautiful paint job there but it’s currently hidden under all that oxidation!
Luckily there was no actual cracking/clear coat failure. So despite the heavy damage, we know our skillset and knew we could save her.So it was time to get started, after all the necessary washing then decontamination of the paintwork it was straight to work with our trusted Flex Rotary Polisher.

As we’ve mentioned before rotary’s are only ever to be used by a skilled operator, you risk burning through paint and causing holograms if improperly used. Luckily (well not really luck, more like years of practice!) we are well versed in its use.

Even with the power of the rotary, it took a LONG time to get progress on the bonnet, here it is half done…

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection 2

So we finished off the bonnet and decided to move to the next worst section, the boot and rear quarter panels… As you can see, very bad condition here as well.

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection 3

So we started on the boot with the same process as the bonnet, however, it was taking far too long. It was about 30 minutes just to get this section cleaned up, not even perfect.
So it was time for a change of plan, we knew the aftermarket paint job. It had thick clear from previous paint depth readings. So we busted out the 2000G and 3000G sandpaper and got to work removing some oxidation. It allows us to get some MUCH quicker results…

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection 4

We then repeated this process across the car, here are some pics. Some are before/afters or “50/50” shots.

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection 5

Correction and Modesta Paint Protection 6

Wetsanding in progress.


Wetsanded area after polishing.



The owner obviously didn’t want her to deteriorate again so chose to have the paintwork coated with MODESTA, the world’s leading paint coating.

We applied the Modesta P-01 primer and BC-04 liquid glass coating. It’s IR cured and then good to go!


Finally, time to head outside for some photos in the beautiful QLD sunshine.

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The owner was understandably ecstatic and emotional! (He won’t mind me adding that)

This is what we’re great at, this is what we love to do! If you want more information or want to get in touch, call us on 1300 85 77 34 or CLICK HERE to send us an enquiry.